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Mariam Boyd Elementary School

203 Cousin Lucy’s Lane
Warrenton, NC 27589

phone: 252-257-3695

fax: 252-257-0163

Principal: Mrs. Katrinka Brewer

Mariam Boyd Elementary School

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Preparing Students, Inspiring Achievement, Celebrating Success

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Our Principal's Message

Teamwork Divides the Tasks and Multiplies the Success!

Welcome to Mariam Boyd Elementary School for the 2016 – 2017 school year! My name is Katrinka Brewer and I am honored to be the principal. The faculty and staff have put forth great effort to prepare for the coming school year and to ensure every child will be successful. As always, we encourage and welcome parent, guardian and community support of all our activities. This partnership is vital to the success of our efforts to teach and inspire our children. I would also like to urge all our parents to join the PTA, attend PTA meetings and get involved at Mariam Boyd.

Our philosophy is to educate the “whole child”, to help students become life-long learners and productive citizens of the 21st century. While addressing the new Common Core State Standards, our lessons focus on hands-on, inquiry-based instruction, with extensive use of math manipulatives, and the tools of technology to enhance student learning. Our objective is to promote problem-solving and critical thinking skills, while encouraging students to become creative, independent thinkers, and individuals of strong moral character.

We are fortunate to have an outstanding staff who works as a collaborative team, always working on improving students’ progress and finding new ways to make learning fun. In addition to our commitment to your child’s success, we must have your support as parents. We need to work together, as a unified team, to successfully educate your children. We ask you to ensure that your children arrive to school on time and attend on a regular basis. Coming to school prepared with the appropriate materials, and completed homework, is extremely important. Likewise, we ask that students follow school rules and act responsibly and respectfully toward peers and adults.

Thank you for entrusting us with your children each day. It is a privilege and a responsibility we do not take lightly. We earnestly solicit your suggestions and will count on each of you to uphold the reputation, tradition, and spirit of our school and to do everything possible to make Mariam Boyd Elementary the best school it can be. Please feel free to call me at 252-257-3695 or email me at knewman@warrenk12nc.org anytime you have a question.

Best wishes for a fantastic year!

Principal's Reading Corner

Mrs. Katrinka Brewer
Principal, Mariam Boyd Elementary School

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1)Kindergarten Registration (160.16 KB)
2)Pre-Kindergarten Registration (82.74 KB)
3)Mariam Boyd Elementary School Mission Statement (7.71 KB)
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2016-17 School Year
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