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Student Demographic Data
Mariam Boyd houses 372 students. The ethnic composition of our student population is 72.4% African American, 12.2% Hispanic,11.4% Caucasian, 2.5% Multi-racial, 1.1% Native American, and less than 1% Asian. We have 24 classroom teachers: 85.4% are fully licensed, 16.7% have advanced degrees, 3 are National Board Certified. One additional teacher finished her masters degree in administration this past December and one is presently working on hers. We had two teacher assistants that are now teachers in our school this year, in Pre-k and Art. Our teacher turnover rate is 24.0%. Our enrollment of 372 students has a wide range of learning needs and capabilities that includes three of the county's self-contained special needs populations (TMD and EMD) classes. Our ESL students receive extended resource services in efforts of strengthening communication and academic skills. Our AIG teacher has classes at Mariam Boyd one day a week. She has pull-out classes for grades three, four, and five. They can qualify for reading or math or both reading and math. She also has nurturing classes for K-2 students as well. Our school services Pre-Kindergarten through fifth grade students. The 2015-2016 school year was our first year as a year round school. We decided as a total school, including students, faculty, parents and all stakeholders to go with this new calendar. We felt it would benefit our students with less summer learning loss and provide intervention and enrichment time throughout the year. We operate on a 45/15 calendar. During our three week track-outs we use one of those weeks to host our Eagle Academy. We provide remediation and enrichment activities in reading, math, and science for our students primarily in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades.

Community Demographic Data
Mariam Boyd School opened in 1952 and has been an important part of the Warrenton community ever since. It is located in the county seat of rural Warren County, Warrenton, North Carolina. Warren County is located in the northeastern corner of the Piedmont region approximately sixty miles northeast of Raleigh and Durham and bordering Virginia. Mariam Boyd serves an attendance area in the central part of the county and educates approximately 30% of the county's Pre-K-5 public school children. Students are bused to Mariam Boyd from rural areas, the municipality of Warrenton, housing projects and mobile housing units. Ten percent of our students are brought to school by car. Many of Mariam Boyd School's families derive their income from industrial employment and manufacturing, which has continued to slowly expand in Warren County and neighboring counties. A significant number of our parents work in state and local employment, such as prisons and other government positions, small owner-operated businesses, service employment and retail trade. Warrenton's growing reputation as a historic community is evidenced by the many antique shops and historical events in the community, which enhances pride among the people and their heritage. Religion plays an important role in the lives of many of our students and their parents. This is evident by the many churches seen throughout the community. Numerous stakeholder groups are very supportive of our school which is reflected in their involvement in school events, programs and projects. There are collaborative partnerships between Mariam Boyd and Walmart of Henderson, Harper Prints, Warrenton Partnership for Growth Members, Warren Lions Club, IBM, NC Highway Patrol, the Sheriff's Office, Warrenton Women's Club, Farm Bureau, Kerr Lake, Frank Newell, Warrenton Ruritans, Warren County EMS, Just Save, Subway, Food Lion, Hardees, International Paper the Warren Record, and other self-employed business owners. The Warren Education Fund, Bright Ideas, Dominion, Lakeside Lutheran Church, Warren County Association of Educators, Warrenton Baptist Church, New Executive Summary Mariam Boyd Elementary School Page 2 © 2016 Advance Education, Inc. All rights reserved unless otherwise granted by written agreement. Covenant Pentacostal, Wesley Memorial UMC, and Hobart and Williams Smith Colleges are partners that have provided monetary grants (from $500.00 - $210,000) to support classroom and school-wide projects to enhance student learning. When you walk inside Mariam Boyd Elementary School, you are greeted with warmth and a sense of family. There is a strong feeling of pride among all who attend school here or work at Mariam Boyd. You are invited to become a part of this exciting learning environment. The halls are "alive" with products of student learning. We are fortunate to have an outstanding staff who works as a collaborative team, always working on improving students' progress and finding new ways to make learning fun. Children are allowed to grow individually and therefore given developmentally appropriate learning activities. There are high expectations for achievement. Critical thinking skills, problem solving, and creativity are emphasized. Children are actively engaged in their learning and share the responsibility of their own learning. The special programs (music, art, P.E., computer, and media) are integrated with grade level curriculum and the media center and computer lab are extensions of the classroom where children go to practice or learn keyboarding skills, read, research, or just hear a good story being read. Students are connected to the outside world through the internet. Mariam Boyd School is the only elementary school in a centralized location of Warrenton. This provides a uniqueness that is beneficial because it enables our school to benefit from multiple business partners that are "in our neighborhood". This feature provides students with the ability to engage in walking field trips that expose them to an array of facilities including Warrenton Library, The Fire Station, Just Save grocery store, the US Post Office, banks and area restaurants. Mariam Boyd is also the only elementary school in the county to have an inhouse Boys and Girls Club which serves as our after-school program. It operates from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. five days a week. During our three week track-outs it operates full days, 8 to 5 p.m. This provides a very valuable and useful service for our parents.