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About Our School

Warren County Middle School is located in a small, economically disadvantaged, rural community in Warren County. It is located between the towns of Warrenton and Norlina. The largest employers in the county are the school system, the prison, and the county government. Although Warren County is mainly a rural area, there are now 13 small industrial companies, which employ approximately 1000 people. There are many small businesses operating in and around the area. The unemployment rate in Warren County is approximately 9% with the poverty rate falling at approximately 27%. The percentage of people in Warrenton with a high school education is approximately 67.5% with 11.6% having some form of post secondary education. The remaining percentages are not high school graduates.

Warren County is a community rich in historical tradition. It was founded at the height of the American Revolution. Ninety percent of Warrenton's business area has been designated a historic district listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The county is 443 square miles located between the Virginia State Line to the north, Northampton and Halifax counties to the east, Nash and Franklin counties to the south and Vance County to the West.

Warren County is fortunate to have a satellite campus of Vance Granville Community College for adults to further their education. In addition, two libraries are available for community use with one having a wide choice of literary works and technology available while the other offers GED classes on -site. Community colleges and universities are within one-hour driving distances for furthering our citizen's education.

Our Vision
Preparing For Tomorrow...Today.

Nuestro Visión
Preparación para Mañana...Hoy.

Our Beliefs

• All students can learn, achieve, and succeed.
• Students, parents, teachers, and the community share the responsibility for education.
• Each student is a valued individual with unique needs and learning styles.
• The development of positive character traits has a direct impact on educational successes.
• Challenging expectations and active engagement increases student performance.
• Cultural diversity increases student understanding of different people and cultures.
• A safe and caring climate promotes student learning.

Creencias de la EscuelaIntermedia del Condado de Warren

• Todos los estudiantes pueden aprender, realizarse y tener éxito.
• Los estudiantes, los padres, y la comunidad comparten la responsabilidad de educar .
• Cada estudiante es valorado individualmente con necesidades y estilos de aprendizaje únicos.
• El desarrollo de atributos positivos del carácter tiene un impacto directo en el triunfo educativo.
• Los retos y la activa participaciόn positiva mejora el rendimiento del estudiante.
• La diversidad cultural sensibiliza la comprensiόn del estudiante hacia otras personas y otras culturas.
• Un ambiente seguro y Ileno de atenciones promueve el aprendizaje.