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Ms. Victoria Lehman

Warren County High School Teacher Ms. Victoria Lehman is honored as Warren County Schools' Teacher of the Year.

Victoria Lehman, visual arts teacher at Warren County High School, has been named Warren County Schools’ 2014-15 Teacher of the Year.

Born in Columbus, Ohio, as the youngest of six siblings, Lehman earned a degree in Arts Education from the University of Northern Colorado.

She explained the most important directive for pursuing a career in education stems from the fact that she comes from a family of educators.

“Growing up as the baby of a large family of six, I was raised to understand the importance of family, as well as that of an education,” she exclaimed. “I believe part of the reason I became a teacher was to help young people realize the importance of education to both the individual and to society.”

For Lehman, although she lived in places such as Colorado and Columbus, she claims that she finally discovered where she was from when she moved to Warrenton in 1977 to become an artist-in-residence for the Warrenton Arts Commission.

Throughout the past 34 years, Lehman has made Warren County her professional home. As a veteran educator, she has played an instrumental role as being one of the first teachers of Warren County High School since its existence.

“I was first hired by Warren County Schools as an itinerant art teacher for John Graham and Norlina High Schools in 1980,” Lehman said. “The two schools consolidated a year later to become Warren County High School. I have taught at the school since its opening and each of my three children have attended the school as well.”

Instead of being referred to as a teacher, Lehman expressed that she likes to think of herself as a facilitator due to the subject of art being self-expressive.

“I would like to think that I facilitate the ability for students to grow and learn for themselves as opposed to me teaching them,” she explained. “What I probably most like about teaching is the scope of diversity which defines each of my professional days. No two days are alike, no two students are alike and no two years are alike.”

After investing so many years of teaching and making a difference in the lives of students, Lehman expressed it is honor to be named Teacher of the Year for a county she truly loves and proud to called her home.”

“I enjoy the sense of delayed gratification that comes with teaching,” she said. “As I move about our community, the positive feedback and goodwill I get from former students is very gratifying.”

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